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Welcome to Ethiopia, The Cradle of Humankind!

Imagine a country rich in history and tradition, a country full of culture and mystery, a country overflowing with natural beauty, hospitable people and unique cuisine, truly Imagine Ethiopia…

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Perched on a high plateau in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is as old as any country known on the planet, old beyond imagination. Once known as Abyssinia, the region’s culture and traditions date back thousands of years. And far earlier than that, in a corner of this country of mystery and contrast, lived “Lucy”, dated from 3.5 million years ago as well as the 4.4 million year old Homo-ramidus afarensis, man’s oldest anthropoid ancestor. Read more...

Imagine returning to the cradle of humanity and experiencing the real Africa…

Why Tour And Travel To Ethiopia With Us?

Imagine Ethiopia Travel and Tours is an Addis Ababa based travel and tour operator company that provides holiday tours and travel agency related services in Ethiopia. We are specialists in customized holiday tours, family vacations, group tours, historical and cultural tours, adventure holidays and so much more.betegiorgis

We pride ourselves on fitting your needs, whether you call it a 'tour', 'vacation' or 'holiday', Ethiopia is a destination not to be missed.

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At Imagine Ethiopia Tours we are Ethiopia travel specialists, just close your eyes and imagine us doing all the work and you having a memorable tour in Ethiopia.

Welcome to Ethiopia, our home, and let Imagine Ethiopia Tours make your holiday a trip of a lifetime!

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Whatever you want to experience, a unique holiday to the historical route, cultural tour to Omo Valley or adventure expedition to the Danakil depression, trekking in the Simien and Bale Mountains or short trips, we'll ensure you have the ideal vacation.